All properties within about 1.5 kilometres of the green cabinet (which is situated next to the Morchard Bishop telephone exchange - behind the old Post Office) should now be able to receive broadband delivering high upload and download speeds.

(Note: the download speed will always be much higher than the upload speed, this is due to the 'assymetric' system thas has been adopted nation wide - ie a prefernce to the download BUT the actual difference will depend on individual suppliers)

This so called "Fibre to Cabinet" system means that the fibre glass cables which connect our green cabinet to the main PO exchange delivers broadband to the cabinet at speeds of around 100 Mbps. From the cabinet to homes the broadband has to travel down the 'old' copper telephone wires and this is where the attenuation (ie reduction in signal) aoccurs.

This attenuation means that properties more than about 1.5km from the green cabinet will see little or no increase in speeds. As a rough indication of the speed you may obtain, Fore Street and Bishops Meadow may be in the order of 50 - 70 Mbps, Polson Hill and Lower Town may be in the order of 25 - 30Mbps - BUT this will depend on your provider and your package and your connections inside your property.

THIS IS NOT AUTOMATIC - you will have to contact your provider and arrange the upgrade to superfast. The cost will depend on who your provider is and what package you have or want to change to.

This is part of the Phase 1 roll out of broadband over the country and Phase 1 is due to be completed at the end of 2016. Phase 2 for our area is due to go out to tender in February.

There are very large areas of rural Devon who will not be upgraded in Phase 1 and in this respect we are rather lucky in Morchard Bishop. The more difficult to reach areas will be addressed in Phase 2.

Useful web sites:

Connecting Devon and Somerset: http://www.connectingdevonandsomerset.co.uk

Broadband speed checker: http://www.broadband.co.uk/broadband-speed-test/


Mid Devon Events

Also see the Devon County Council's Community Website

Mobile Post Office 12.15 - 14.15

Jan 29
The Men of Morchard & Friends FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Feb 3
Coffee, Cake and Chat

Feb 3,10&24

Feb 3
Gardening Club, "Creating a Wild Flower Meadow"

Feb 4
Can't Sew Won't Sew

Feb 9
Queen's 90th Birthday - 2nd Meeting

Feb 10
W.I., "Talk to Morrisons"

Feb 12&26
The Edge Youth Club

Feb 13
Table Top Sale & Local Producers Market

Feb 15
Morchard Maids, "Jewelry Making"

Feb 15 - 19
MB School Half Term

Feb 17
Over 60s Lunch Club

Feb 19
Mobile Library Visit

Feb 26
MB Football Club, Bingo

Mar 24
MB School. Spring Term ends




Morchard Bishop Emergency Plan

The New Morchard Bishop Emergency Plan was released in the Summer and has been lodged with Devon County Council, MDDC and the Environment Agency





Re-Dedication of the Morchard Bishop War Memorial

Thanks to the generous donations of Morchard Bishop Parishioners in sponsoring letters and names on our Memorial and a grant received from "Devon Remembers", our village War Memorial has now been fully renovated.

A re-dedication service was held in glorious summer sunshine on Sunday 3rd August and attended by over 80 parishioners.

The re-dedication was held by Rev Lindsey Starrs and Colin Rice as a joint St. Mary's Church and Emmanuel Methodist Church service and followed by a cream tea financed by the Parish Council and organised and served by
Morchard Bishop W.I. in the Memorial Hall










Footpaths around Morchard Bishop and ...
Walking Maps

With over 40 footpaths, Morchard Bishop has one the highest number of public footpaths of any Parish in Devon. The walks available are very varied in length, difficulty and vistas.

The Parish Paths Partnerships Scheme (P3 for short) is an initiative to ensure that the entire rights of way network is legally defined, properly maintained and well publicised. It has the support of the National Association of Local Councils and is government funded. The Devon County Council was one of the first fifteen Highway Authorities to participate in this scheme, which encourages community involvement and enjoyment of public rights of way. Devon County Council is working in partnership with Parish/Town Councils, landowners and local voluntary groups. The main aim is to improve the condition of the local rights of way and keep them open and used properly.Parish/Town Councils in the scheme receive a grant to undertake rights of way work.

The grant, paid by Devon County Council, covers three elements -
i) The mileage, based on the length of rights of way in theParish
ii) Special projects, and
iii) Administrative costs.

Path condition survey and inspection
Each year before the Parish/Town Council receives its annual grant it organises a survey -
This is an assessment of the condition of the rights of way, in order to find out what work needs to be done.
The survey provides the information necessary for calculation of the grant payment.
Developments and improvements - upgrading and re-opening paths by undertaking practical work such as vegetation clearance, repairing stiles and waymarking, in consultation with farmers and landowners;
Events - helping people to feel confident about using the network by organising, for example, guided walks and rights of way days;
Publicity and promotion - letting people know about the availability of the rights of way network through, for example, leaflets or map boards. This is a final stage, reflecting the improved condition of the path network.

The Parish Paths Liaison Officer operates the scheme - the Morchard Bishop Parish P3 Officer was Julie Rudge. (see also the Local Artists section on this web site) who has most sadly very recently passed away.

The regular walks which Julie used to organise (usually taking about 2 - 3 hours) will continue in the future when the Parish Council elects a new P3 Officer. The walks are leisurely and for all ability levels. They are a fantasitic way of getting to know your local areas, the beauty that is the Devon countryside - and also your walking companions. The walks will be publicised in the Morchard Messenger and the accompanying hand drawn maps are available can be downloaded from this web site.

Those wishing to join an enthusiastic small group walking some of the paths most Mondays, should contact Sonja Andrews on 01363 877216 or Christine Davies on 01363 877690.

To go to the walks maps click here

The Devon County Council web section on Public Rights of Way can be accessed by clicking here

An excellent interactive footpaths GIS (Geographic Information System) map for Devon can be accessed clicking here You can zoom into any area of Devon to see the local footpaths and bridleways